Yuki, part 2

I was going to do an outfit post because I still have one new super duper cute dress to show but seeing as I haven’t been able to sleep in over two weeks my face looks like it’s melting, my hair is tangled up so horribly bad it looks like a birds nest and in all honesty I’m just way too damn lazy. (Also been neglecting my commenting, so sorry for that too sigh.) So! Yuki part 2! Also, I need the cheering up šŸ˜€


The two dresses she’s wearing in this video Power of Love are just so amazing I end up squealing and desperately looking for something similar every time I see this video! Babydoll perfectness! Gah!



This yellow dress that I recently made was based on this one! Gah, I still haven’t reached that level of cuteness but after three times of trying to create something similar I’m just going to give up and settle.


Hello! Orange Sunshine, just because this video is adorable with all its cute dancing and fabulous smiling really.



Cheese Pizza! Possibly MY FAVOURITE VIDEO OF ALL TIME! The colours! The costumes! The dancing! Ack!






Pretty crappy quality but you get the gist!


  • I am officially in LOVE!
    I liked the song ”Chess PIZZA’ before I even heard it. The title is enough for me!
    And on the first video I was like THAT’S ELINE’S DRESS!? You did an amazing job at recreating it!

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