Sorry for the lack of activity here. I’ve been incredibly lazy this past week. I wish I could say it were a good lazy like ‘I was so busy studying that all I wanted to do in my spare time was nap’-lazy, or ‘I had worked so much the past few weeks that all I wanted to do was watch Buffy’-lazy but really I’ve mainly been lazing about goallessly and drinking various sorts of champagne and wine with my parents. Just because.

SO ANYWAY, I was shopping the other day for some presents and sewing supplies when I wandered about to some dresses and I found this adorable 60s/90s dress. You know the kind that a lot of cool all-girl bands wore in the 90s? So, because I want to buy some new comfy shoes to go with them before I post it here (it has flowers) I thought of collecting some pics of those cool 90s girls (it also has polka dots) but in the end I just found myself staring at pictures of Yuki from Judy and Mary. Judy and Mary are an obnoxiously poppy and cheerful Japanese rock band that I have kind of come to adore because of said obnoxious poppiness :D. Yuki also plays a big part in said obsession because not only does she have a fabulously annoying voice but she’s simply all-around amazing because of her ever-changing but perpetual cool style. Seriously:
















So, I’ve come to hate long hair because washing it is SUCH A CHORE + wet hair against bare skin is one of the most awful physical feelings in existence but I’m pretty sure I have to let my hair grow out just to do crazy things with it. I JUST HAVE TO 🙁


See? I’ll only ever achieve true happiness if I can do this to my hair!


Sigh, consider this to be part one because I love her style even more in Judy and Mary’s videos!


  • Awesomeness. Eigenlijk doen alle plaatjes me een beetje aan jou denken. Ik denk dat kort haar je eigenlijk ook goed zal staan, heb je daar wel eens aan gedacht? Of ga je dan je 90’s knotjes teveel missen? En ik wil je jurk zien! (In België zeggen ze toch vaak “kleedje” in plaats van “jurkje”? Ik vind dat zo leuk!).

    • Yep, ik had zo’n kort haar als Yuki in de eerste foto (of zelfs korter?) meer dan een jaar geleden. Ik zal eens een haar evolutie post doen zodat je het kan zien :D. Het stond me inderdaad maar nu heb ik ff zin in rare 90s creaties met lang haar!

      Ja, in België zeggen we vaak kleedje maar ook jurkje. Haha, ik vind het schattig en grappig dat Nederlanders plots Vlaams zo leuk vinden nadat ze er zo’n lange tijn denigrerend over waren 😀

      • Is dat zo? Dat is ook stom. Vlaamse mensen praten prachtig, ik word er nog altijd helemaal warm van van binnen. Het heeft zoveel meer klasse dan Nederlands. En over het algemeen vind ik Vlaamse mensen ook een leuker gevoel voor humor hebben. Soms zou ik zelf wel een Belgje willen zijn. (Zeker als ik dan dat vreselijkse Rotterdamse accent hier hoor, haha, voorbeeld van mijn oma “Dat ken toch zeker niet? Zij zeg dat ik haar ken maar ik kon haar helemaal niet.” Maar mijn oma is best een extreem voorbeeld, ze zegt bijvoorbeeld ook altijd legemetatie ipv legitimatie en spychiater ipv psychiater). Ik luister ook vaak naar Fixkes en ik kijk graag naar Wim Helsen, ik word gewoon gelukkig van Belgen, zelfs van Brusselmans.

        En ik ben benieuwd naar hoe je haar was! Zeker doen, zo’n evolutiepost!

        • Oh, je moet eens luisteren naar ‘t Hof van Commerce (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCLbQ2Xf9i4) da’s het dialect waar ik vandaan kom… Ik daag je uit om daar IETS van te verstaan, haha! Ik spreek het wel niet (gelukkig) aangezien ik al een lange tijd praktisch in een andere stad woon voor school. Ik denk dat mijn accent dichtst bij Brusselmans aanligt 😀 Ik hou van Wim Helsen! Hij is zo schattig!

  • Yayyyy Yuki-post! I wanted to do one too but then I realized I would have to choose between awesome pictures and it was just too much work and I never did :D.

    • I’ve wanted to do one ever since I started my blog but just kept postponing because of the amount of time I had to put into it. The wanting never faded though so I just decided to suck it up and do the work! 😀

  • i am a bit overfocussed on hair right now so will talk about my hair! my hair is driving me crazy! i want to cut it off all the time, but i know i would be even more upset. i can never seem to get the colour or cut right. why why why?! ugh.

    • Would your curls be even more curly if your hair were short? Because that would be AMAZING. I had long hair for a really long time and I kept doubting for MONTHS if I should cut it all off and when I finally did it was such a relief and it felt strangely liberating… Sometimes it just feels great to do something really drastic with your appearance.

      But I love your hair! It’s sandy curliness of it is fabulous. I’d braid it all the time.

      • yes it gets really curly when it is short. like a little afro at its shortest. and i like it too. it’s easy that is for sure. i think from taking photos i am thinking more and more about details and overthinking my hair! like how the colour is different in each type of light and camera setting. i need someonteto braid my hair. today i saw a hair braiding salon, so maybe in the summer i will go there. so yes grow your hair and braid it! long is great for photos, lots of possibilities. and thanks for liking my hair too. so much hair talk, so funny.

  • Oh my goodness, this is WAY TOO AWESOME!
    And kind of weird ’cause lately I’ve had this mini-obsession with obnoxious ’90’s Japanese bands as well. *__* They always have the best outfits!!

  • You’re entitled to being lazy sometimes. I’m dying for the next moment that I can be lazy and boy, will I be lazying up in style!

    Wow, Yuki does have amazing, eclectic style; I love the overabundance of colors and prints (but it works), plus in her poses, you can tell she’s a sassy creature.

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