Hello hello! Yesterday I found out my grades, I’d been secretly hoping my life these past months would suit well in an 80s montage with a superb ending of victory, but of course real life is anything like movies. I failed 3 courses, could not partake in 1 and only passed 2. I worked hard all throughout the year, and ended up being too exhausted to study for my last exam; picture me studying while crying for hours. I had a little bit of a really harsh mental breakdown. Picture last minute emergency docter visits. But I am one of those obnoxious people who have never before had to study in their life (a simple read was more than enough for me), now that courses have expanded and I need to cram every single detail and name it’s only natural that I’m still finding my own personal study method and schedule. I am convinced I can learn how to learn, and I am convinced I’m not even that far off on my proper method! My failed grades aren’t even that low! I can do this!!! Meanwhile here’s me looking fab. I literally haven’t taken off this shirt (except to sleep) since I got it on Sunday. It totes smells because it’s basically made out of plastic. Who cares? I certainly do not, prolly the people around me care but hey, that’s what you get for hanging out with me.